Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Contracts will you review or draft for me?

We are able to draft and review many contracts on your behalf, ranging from a simple lease to an in depth partnership agreement.  Few contracts are completely identical.

How Much will you charge me?

This depends on what your instructions are.  Normally, we charge a fixed fee based on an agreed hourly rate, and time spend on your case.  For instance, if you instruct us to review a franchise agreement,  then our fee to you, will be in the region of £400.00 plus VAT.  We would also include a free company, and director search on everyone associated with the business you are looking to buy into(we have yet to come across any other solicitor that offers this).

How long will it take to have my contract reviewed or drafted?

This will depend on the complexity of the contract being instructed on.  We generally have  a 7 day turnaround.