Harassment and Bullying

Bullying and harassment are prevalent in the British workplace. Have you been subject to unfair treatment, spoken to in an unacceptable manner, assaulted or feel that you have been underminded?  We may be able to help you.  We are dealing with numerous cases ranging from assaults to racial discrimination.

You should not tolerate any form of descrimination, because if you do not take action, the perpetrators will believe that it is acceptable to behave in the manner they have done so.

Employees of all ages and sexes can find themselves in a situation where harassment at the workplace can lead to depression, fear of going to work, de-motivation, stress and loss or confidence or self-esteem.

It is often the case that individuals do not know what to do about it. If you feel you are experiencing harassment at work and want to know what you can do about it contact H&H Legal today on Freephone 0800 989 0090 and speak to one of our Harassment & Bullying Solicitors.