What is Bullying & Harassment?

We all engage in a banter at work but if it goes beyond that then it is unacceptable. No-one should be expected to work in an environment which is construed as intimidating, offensive and hostile. Comments which some may find comical may be upsetting to others and if they persist then they can amount to harassment.

Every employer has an obligation to ensure their workforce are not subjected to such behaviour and if it is ignored then a claim can be brought against them.

Bullying can be offensive & unpleasant behaviour towards the individual which creates an intimidating and bad atmosphere. You may have been physically bullied or verbally bullied; either way is not pleasant to experience. The new form of bullying is via social media (Twitter and Facebook) where ‘bullies’ insult their victims and make all kinds of threats. This form of bullying can lead to shocking consequences Individuals who are found guilty of ‘internet trolling’ can be sent to prison for their offence so this form of bullying is taken very seriously.

Harassment does not have to involve physical contact unfair and degrading treatment can be verbal and if it happens on at least two occasions then you may have a claim. If you are subjected to this type of behaviour inform your boss or supervisor, record the details and seek help. Harassment can come from your superiors and colleagues .

Different Types of Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment refers to unwanted sexual advances in a verbal, non verbal or physical manner. If you have been receiving sexual comments about your body, appearance and the way you look, and have received unwanted sexual advances, this could be sexual harassment. Physical advances include amongst other things touching, kissing, caressing and pinching and if you find it offensive then it should be stopped.
Racial Harassment

Racial harassment refers to physical and verbal abuse suffered by individuals because of their race, colour of skin, ethnicity, nationality or religion. Racial harassment can be against an individual or their property.

Stalking Harassment

Stalking harassment is referred to unwanted attention where the individual feels harassed and pestered which can leave them frightened and feeling afraid.

We live in a world of diversity. We all deserve to be treated fairly and reasonably. You don’t have to accept unfair treatment and we are here to help put a stop to it and ensure you receive the respect and compensation you deserve.

If you are being bullied or harassed at the workplace, and have concerns, please contact H&H Legal on 0800 989 0090.