Personal Injury

Personal Injury: Should you claim damages?

The legal requirements for personal injury claims have changed in the UK. The revised changes, which took effect from April 2013, mostly impact on the principles of “No Win No Fee” services. Under the new rules, victims can be required to contribute towards their own costs rather than the person or body who caused the accident. This change in law will ultimately make people ask themselves whether they should pursue a claim for damages in the event of a personal injury.

It used to be the case that the losing party would pay the legal costs of the winning party.  However, representatives of the insurance industry effectively told the government to change the law, which they did.  Organisations representing claimants like yourself were not consulted which was hardly fair, but in the real world, if you are persuasive, and able to offer financial incentives, then it usually helps.

But following the new legislation there is some good news: People who have suffered an injury will now receive 10% extra on top of their compensation.  And even if you lose your case, you will not have to pay your opponents costs, subject to a few conditions which are reasonable and fair.

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