How to Claim


PPI How to Make a Claim


You can pursue any claim against the lender yourself. However, would you trust them to be honest bearing in mind you are claiming against them for their initial wrongdoing, and do you want to fight these lenders yourself?

We would not recommend you deal with claims companies either. Many of these charge extortionate fees, bombard you with phone calls and text messages, and have very limited legal knowledge. There are a number of instances that can be researched over the internet, where these claims companies have not only retained client’s compensation, but also charged the client further fees in dealing with the claim, meaning they were in a worse position than they started.

Our steps are to obtain information from you regarding the PPI, and how it was sold to you. Based on this information, we will prepare a complaint on your behalf, and send this to the appropriate lender who should respond within 8 weeks. Based on their response, we will be in a good position to advise you as to how long we expect the claim to last. It all proceeds well, we should be receiving offers to settle a few weeks after this.

If we do not receive any offers to settle, or your complaint has not been upheld, then we will submit the relevant documentation to the Financial Ombudsman Service who will investigate the matter.  Their decision will be final.  Around 90% of complaints are upheld against financial lenders.