"I was considering buying a franchise. HH Legal identified a number of problems in the draft contract which they were able to resolve for me."

Contract Law

"The solicitor dealing with my father's Will let us down badly. HH Legal called them to account on our behalf."

Professional Negligence

"A family member produced a handwritten Will which cut me out. HH Legal were able to get this Will revoked, so I received what was due to me"

Contested Probate

"I was off work for several weeks following my accident. HH Legal made making a claim simple, so this at least was pain-free!"

Personal Injury

Welcome to HH Legal

We are a Shrewsbury based firm of solicitors with expertise in the specialist legal areas of contested probate, harassment and personal injury. If you have been left out of a Will, or think you should have received more, been the victim of harassment in your workplace, or suffered a personal injury through no fault of your own, we can help.

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How A Person Can Be Harassed At Work
Thursday, 12. June 2014

Malicious communications Act 1988 is a British Act of Parliament which makes malicious communication illegal as it may become the reason of someone’s anxiety or distress. In today’s corporate world,…

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How to Deal with Bullying and Harassment at Work
Friday, 23. May 2014

Bullying and harassment at work can be a very bitter experience for victims. Harassment at work occurs in various forms, i.e. from being bullied, to being the subject of unwanted…

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