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When is the Testator’s Will Valid
Thursday, 8. May 2014

The testamentary capacity of the testator at the time of making the will plays an important role in determining whether the testator’s will is valid or not. For a will…

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The Price You Can Pay For Failing to Enter Into Negotiations
Friday, 22. November 2013

The Price you can pay for failing to enter into negotiations The recent case of PGF II SA v OMFS Company 1 Limited [2013] EWCA Civ 1288 highlights the importance of…

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What are the time limits for contesting a Will
Thursday, 11. July 2013

There are time limits if you want to contest a Will, and the amount of time you have will depends on the situation and circumstances of your particular case. However,…

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When to Dispute a Will?
Tuesday, 25. June 2013

An individual can leave property, money or items of significant value in their Will. The individual can leave them to whom they choose, however, Wills can sometimes be challenged and…

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Undue Influence in Wills
Monday, 3. June 2013

Proving what is known as ‘Undue Influence’ in Wills can be very difficult. Undue Influence is when one person has put pressure on another to write or rewrite their Will,…

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