Emily has given her house to her lodger Norris. Could there be trouble around the corner….?

The recent Coronation Street storyline which has seen Emily Bishop giving lodger Norris Cole her house throws up some interesting questions around her Will. The gift was brought on by Norris being worried that if Emily died, her nephew and niece, Spider and Freda, would inherit her house and he would be left homeless.

Will Norris Dispute The Will???

Now of course Emily is still very much alive, so whatever her Will says, it can’t be contested by anyone until she has passed away. But could Freda and Spider claim that Norris had exerted undue influence on their aunt to hand over the house? And what if, for example, Emily has unpaid debts that cannot be repaid out of the remainder of her estate? Would the creditors still be able to make a claim on the house, even though she had given it to Norris? It’s certainly an interesting situation, and one no doubt that we haven’t heard the last of!

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