H&H Legal, expert bullying and harassment solicitors located in Shrewsbury, have helped many individuals who have been a victim of bullying and harassment at the workplace. Bullying and harassment at work is very unpleasant and can cause stress and potential health risks.

Below are just some of the early signs of bullying at work;

1) You feel physically sick with the thought of going into work
2) Your partner becomes frustrated with you and requests that you stop discussing work at home
3) Your blood pressure is very high and your Doctor or GP becomes very concerned
4) You are embarrassed to confide in your partner, or family, that someone at work is bullying you and you find it difficult to talk to them about this
5) You are taking more ‘sick days’ off work and finding excuses not to go in
6) You find yourself looking at job sites at vacant positions
7) You don’t want to speak with your immediate line manager about the bullying
8) You have spoken to your line manager and have had several meetings, but with no success just further embarrassment and humiliation.
9) The work colleagues you have spoken too about your suffering no longer socialise or speak to you
10) You always have a ‘sick feeling’ in your stomach and constantly fear the worst and waiting for the next bad thing to happen.
11) The Personnel or Human Resources department have told you that you are not being bullied or harassed and suggest that you ‘sort things out yourselves’.
12) Your co-workers all agree that you are being bullied but when you ask them for support they deny all knowledge

Contact H&H Legal – Expert Solicitors in Bullying & Harassment Cases

If you have a bully at work and are familiar with the above points please contact our Bullying & Harassment Solicitors in Shrewsbury on 0800 989 0090 before anything more serious happens. Our expert Solicitors have many years’ experience in dealing with victims of bullying and harassment and can help and advise you on the next step to take.

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