Malicious communications Act 1988 is a British Act of Parliament which makes malicious communication illegal as it may become the reason of someone’s anxiety or distress. In today’s corporate world, number of people faces harassment at their work place. A common and unpleasant form of how a person can be harassed at work involves malicious communications that may be either through post, telephone, Fax, SMS messages or even through internet or email.

Under Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988: It is illegal or offense to send any threatening or offensive letter and electronic communication to other person. Stalking includes use of abuse, threatening communications via social networks, email, text or letters. It can include verbal, text or video based communications. We often hear some workplace harassment issues which involve such kind of malicious communications. The Malicious Communication Act 1988 is used to prosecute stalkers. It is partially because it is easy to prove the offense. According to this act, there is punishment of six month imprisonment and/or fine.

Several ways a person can be harassed at work

There is number of workplaces where the level of tension caused by bullies is so high which creates various problems for employees. Any kind of harassment at the workplace can be a very bad experience for victims.

In workplace if person sends a letter or email which includes an offensive message, threat or false information with bad purpose; offensive telephone calls and also bullying about you with intent to cause distress or anxiety are considered illegal according to this act. Thus if something happens like this then one should take an action against it and punish the stalkers.

Let’s see some examples that can better describe about malicious communication harassment:

=> A person who received an email or message which includes following wording: “Stop working at the office or lab otherwise we will come and demonstrate at your house”. It clearly explains that it is a kind of threat which is illegal according to Malicious Communication Act.

=> Spreading malicious rumors and false information: Following example will show how false information can cause anxiety or distress. Sending a letter to a person that contains false information about their work such as he/she is not performing well can cause tension or anxiety. It is also illegal.

There are several other malicious communication workplace harassment ways that can cause various problems to victims. These ways are come under this act and also provide a right justice or punishment to culprits who include imprisonment and fine.

How to deal with malicious letter or telephone calls?

There are number of employees who have gone through workplace harassment or facing such malicious communication. They may either harass by their seniors or by other person in workplace. Keep silent and ignoring such malicious letter or phone calls is not the good solution. You have to take the action against it.

When you receive an offensive or threatening letter or call, inform the police if harassment continues. Remember one thing that don’t destroy the offensive letter or envelop that you have received as it may be needed as evidence. The investigating authorities will need the envelope for tracing the sender, to check the fingerprints or other forensic evidence.

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In case of offensive phone calls, obtain the recording and keep them safe. The same things also apply to offensive e-mails, faxes and text messages.

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Those employees, who are facing malicious communication or other kind of harassment at their work place, are recommended taking a right legal action against the offender.

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