Bullying and harassment at work can be a very bitter experience for victims. Harassment at work occurs in various forms, i.e. from being bullied, to being the subject of unwanted sexual comments or approaches or being called racist or sexiest names. Let us tell you how you can deal with bullying and harassment at work.

Bullying at Work:

Bullying at work includes a wide range of misconduct or bad activities like teasing, taunting, offensive & insulting behavior and much more. Bullying at work like this is upsetting and can ruin a harmonious working environment for everyone.

Don’t Suffer From Bullying & Harassment at Work

“He hit me!” “He made fun of me!” etc. are some of those issues that many workers face during their work. Bullies have always been around, and they will be. In today’s difficult and competitive corporate environment, a number of employees who have gone through such bullying, prefer to keep quiet about a bully because they fear of losing their job. Due to this, bullies take advantage and never stop their shameful activities.

Harassment at Work:

Harassment at work is an unwanted conduct that violates the dignity of an employee. It covers a variety of unwanted behavior like subtle intimidation to more obvious aggressive tactics, including repeated threats of dismissal for no reason, constant ridicule, racist, sexist or homophobic jokes, leaving offensive messages on email or the telephone, humiliating a person through gestures, sarcasm, criticism & insults in front of others, etc.

There are many employees who have experienced harassment at work like demeaning, abusive or authoritarian behavior. During a research, it was found that only one in ten workplace harassment victims take a stand and tells the offending person that he/she does not like it.

Anyone who gets harassed by their senior or work colleagues can and should take legal action against it, harassment at work is illegal. It is reported that about 30 percent of employees are bullied and harassed. It is really a big problem and need to be reported promptly.

Let’s explore what comes under harassment and bullying at work!

  • Physical or threats of physical violence
  • Abusive, insulting or offensive language
  • Humiliating a person through gestures, demeaning, mocking and embarrassing comments
  • Sexual harassment, harassment based on race, religion, and physical attributes as well as teasing and personal jokes which are deemed offensive
  • Spreading malicious rumors and bad gossips
  • Repeated threats of dismissal
  • Offensive messages on email or phone
  • Pushing, shoving, tripping, grabbing you in the workplace playing mind games, ganging up on you, or other types of psychological harassment

What you need to do if you are experiencing harassment and bullying at work

If you have ever experienced any kind of harassment or bullying at work and have tried to get your boss or manager to do something against bullies, but they have not responded with the right action, then it is time to take legal actions against bullies. Don’t let the bullies to do whatever they want to do; instead, be brave and without any fear let them know you are not going to tolerate it anymore.

You can also claim against such kind of acts and take the assistance of a solicitor to get legal advice. If you need legal advice regarding workplace harassment and bullying, then you have to consult an experienced and professional solicitor such as HH Legal who will provide you with valuable input and can guide you through the process. Under Protection for Harassment Act 1997 (PHA), you can claim compensation for bullying and harassment, which has taken place at work.

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