What Will It Cost To Make A Contested Probate Claim?

Making the decision to make a contested probate claim can be a difficult one, especially when you think about how much it will cost to instruct a solicitor, court fees and all of the other expenses included in taking legal action.

We do understand that this will be one of your biggest concerns, so we aim to explain the processes involved and the various funding options you will have if you decide to go ahead and instruct us to represent you.

We do offer a genuinely free of charge, no obligation initial discussion about your claim so you can be sure that you want to move forward with your contested probate claim and that you are happy for us to represent you.

Options Available to Fund Your Claim

There are several options which are open to you to be able to fund a contested probate claim and we are happy to help you by offering advice on which option we think best suits you.

The first option is a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA. A CFA is more commonly known as a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement. What a CFA does is to protect you from paying our legal costs to the other side if you lose your claim and if we do not win, we simply do not get paid. We will protect you from having to pay costs the other side’s in the event of a loss, and shall discuss this with you.

However, the government has made significant changes to CFAs in April 2013, which now means that if we win, we cannot recover all of our costs from the losing party and you will need to make a contribution to your legal fees.

You should not let this put you off from making a claim though, as we won’t expect you to pay anything until your claim is settled and we will be clear about what those costs are likely to be at the beginning, so there will be no surprises.

Following the changes which the government has made to funding, there is now the option to have a Damages Based Agreement, also known as DBA. When you enter into a DBA, you agree to pay a percentage of the damages you receive to your solicitor. This is to pay for the work your solicitor has done for you. Again, as the percentage is agreed at the beginning, there will be no surprises at the end of your claim.

There is always the option to pay us on an hourly basis, but this is out of reach for many people as this is an expensive option. The good news is that we offer a significant deduction to clients who wish to choose this option.

Why Choose HH Legal?

We are an experienced team of Wills and Probate solicitors who can help you to achieve the best outcome possible in your contested probate claim. Drawing on all of our experience, we will always push forwards to obtain a positive end to your claim.

Making sure that we always explain the procedure from start to finish without using legal jargon is key to ensuring that you have a complete knowledge about the contested probate process which will help you to feel comfortable in moving forwards with your claim.

You can be sure that we will offer you the best advice on which funding option will suit you best and provide you with the best outcome.