How To Contest A Will

Making the decision to contest a loved one’s Will is a difficult decision to make. The whole family will be grieving and as a result, emotions are likely to be running high. If you discovered that you have been left out of the Will you may feel that you have been unfairly treated.

Relationships may already be strained as a result of the Will. It is important therefore, that you consider the implications on your relationship with your family if you do decide to go ahead and challenge the Will.

We do understand how upset, angry and disappointed you must feel. We can help you to find out whether you have a claim against the estate, and if so, help you make that claim.

What Is Involved In Contesting A Will?

It is really important that you establish who is able to make a legal challenge on a Will and the time limits involved in contesting a Will too.

This will help you to determine that you are able to contest the Will and the time limits you are facing.

Using a specialist solicitor to contest a Will is important because we have in depth knowledge of the procedures involved. This means that we can fully investigate your circumstances and understand if you have a valid claim. We can then offer you advice on what your next steps should be.

As a specialist Wills and Probate law firm, HH Legal can give you the support and advice you need to move your challenge forward.

Why Choose HH Legal?

You need a law firm with experience in contesting Wills and we can offer you that expertise today. Our friendly and dedicated team are here to help you whatever your circumstances. We have helped many clients to achieve a fair result from their challenge on a Will and we can help you too.

In order to be able to clearly understand the situation you are in, we offer you a free initial consultation with us so we can establish if you have a claim and that you are happy for us to represent you. There is no obligation to claim and we won’t use any legal jargon either.