What Reasons Can I Contest A Will?

Losing someone you love will hurt and your pain may be amplified if you discover that you have been left out of a Will or that the Will does not seem to be fair.

You may decide to consider making a challenge on the Will as a result. However, making this very difficult decision will be emotional for you. It could also cause the breakdown of relationships within your family, so it is something to consider carefully.

We do understand that this is a difficult time for you and a difficult to decision to make but we can help you understand if you can to contest the Will and if so, what happens next.

Reasons For Contesting A Will

There are a number of reasons why you may be able to contest a Will. Some of these reasons relate to who you are and whether the person who died had financial responsibility for you. In addition, there are number of the other challenges you can make to a Will which relate to its validity and the capacity of the person who made it.

Some of the more common reasons to contest a Will are:

  • The Will was changed days before the deceased died, was handwritten and left everything to one person or more than seems fair
  • The signature on the Will of the deceased does not look correct
  • A close family member has been omitted from the Will
  • A lack of financial provision being made for a family member
  • The Will does not comply with the legal requirements laid out in the Wills Act 1837, such as it has not been signed, or perhaps not witnessed correctly
  • There was undue influence exerted on the deceased to change their Will
  • The deceased had a lack of capacity when the Will was made and signed

This list is not exhaustive though and if you would like to discuss your own specific circumstances, then please do get in touch. We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation for this very reason.

Why Choose HH Legal?

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