Legal Costs/What will it Cost?


How to Fund your Inheritance Claim

There are a number of ways in which your claim can be funded. However, the important point to consider that our initial advice is completely free of charge, so the best way to proceed is to call us now on 0800 989 0090 or complete our Free Online Enquiry form, and we can explain your options to you.


How much will my legal bill be?

We most certainly want to keep costs down to a minimum, and more often than not, a sensible financial compromise can be met, no matter how bitter the initial conflict is.


What if I do not have any money, who pays my legal costs?

We have acted for clients who are struggling financially, and are at a loss as to where to turn.  We have NEVER turned anyone away due to their inability to pay.  We are more than happy to settle our fees with you at the conclusion of the case.

We would expect to recover your legal fees from the estate we are either claiming against.


Conditional Fee Agreement – CFA (commonly known as a No-Win  No-Fee  arrangement)


HH Legal have taken on claims that have been rejected by a number of law firms, and we have provided clients with No-Win No-Fee Agreements.

HH Legal offers a No-Win No-Fee service for contesting/disputing a Will. You will find our agreements easy to read. If we are unsuccessful in pursuing your claim, then you will not have to pay our legal fees. We also ensure that any Barristers we use in furthering your claim are also fighting for you on a No-Win No-Fee basis. If we are successful, then we shall endeavour to reclaim all of your legal costs from your opponent. We will also ensure that you are protected from any liability for costs if you are unsuccessful by obtaining a suitable insurance policy.

We believe that this type of funding benefits clients who want to ensure that they are not at risk of having to pay costs in pursuing their case.

This type of funding arrangement would involve you signing an agreement whereby an hourly rate is agreed with us. If you were to lose your case, you would not be responsible for our legal fees, but you would be responsible for paying your opponents costs, and disbursements, which will typically be court fees. We guarantee that you will be protected from such an event by making certain an insurance policy is in place to safeguard you.


Damaged Based Agreements

These agreements came into effect on April 1st 2013.  These agreements are very new, and have received mixed receptions.

We will only get paid a fixed percentage of your award so long as you recover damages.

If you are offered this type of agreement, then a fixed percentage is agreed with you.  The new rules permit 50% inclusive of VAT to be recovered from the client.  This percentage would include solicitor and barrister fees.  Furthermore, for every £1.00 recovered we will deduct it from the agreed percentage.  There may be occasions where the whole percentage has been recovered, and you will not have to pay anything at all.

We will be able to discuss this type of funding agreement to see if it is indeed suitable for your needs.


Private Fee Paying

This type of funding is where you agree an hourly rate with your legal advisor, and effectively pay as you go.  If you are successful,  you should be able to reclaim the fees you paid us from your opponent.  If you lose your claim, but the courts agree that it was right and equitable to bring a claim, then you may be able to reclaim your fees from the estate.


Legal Aid

We do not offer legal aid services.

If you require further explanation of these fees, please contact HH Legal for a free no obligation discussion to see what funding mechanism suits you.