Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence Solicitors owe a duty of care to their clients and must act in good faith in accordance with the Solicitors Code of Conduct. One of the principle ethics of the code is to act within the best interests of the client and not bring the profession into disrepute. There are several aspects which might arise in a claim for professional negligence, such as:

  • You suffered financial loss because you were given inadequate advice or service by a professional
  • The professional is deemed to have carried out a service that did not meet the required levels of skill and care
  • The professional made a mistake that should not be expected in their chosen field

The net for professional negligence claims can be cast much further than solicitors; accountants, tax advisors, doctors, surveyors, barristers, financial advisors, banks, architects and estate agents are all considered as professionals of specialist fields.

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