Overcharged By Your Solicitor?

“My Solicitor has deducted 25% from my personal injury compensation.” If you wish to find out if this was correct, please contact us.

Most cases are straightforward, so the likelihood is that the incorrect amount under the terms of you Conditional Fee Agreement most commonly known as the ‘no win no fee agreement’ was deducted from you.

The rules were changed yet again in April 2013 to allow Solicitors to deduct a success fee from your damages.

The success fee should be applied to the recoverable solicitor’s costs which in the majority of simple road traffic cases will be £500. In our experience a standard success fee is around £50-£100.00 plus applicable VAT.

There is a likelihood that your solicitor deducted 25% from your damages instead, which is wrong. The average award is around £3000.00 which means that £750.00 was deducted.

When you instruct a solicitor, they are obliged to carry out a risk assessment on your case. The greater the chance of your winning the lower the success fee should be.

For example if you are a passenger in a car when it is struck from behind you are very likely to win so the success fee should be very low. We would say 10% is the correct success fee that should have been charged.

If we take the average award of £3000.00 and your solicitors received £500.00 in legal costs, you should have been charged 10% of £500.00. In other words, you should have paid £60.00 including VAT and received £2940.00.

What most firms are doing is automatically deducting 25% from your award along with the cost of an insurance policy that you probably did not need or you already had insurance in place under your household contents insurance of policy of motor insurance.

It is free to find out whether you have been overcharged. If you think you have had too much deducted from your compensation, just call our Freephone number 0800 989 0090 or send a free enquiry.