Proving what is known as ‘Undue Influence’ in Wills can be very difficult. Undue Influence is when one person has put pressure on another to write or rewrite their Will, usually so this person becomes a new beneficiary, or receives more than they would otherwise have done.

A good example of this is the recent case of Schrader v Schrader, where two brothers were fighting over the proceeds of their mother’s estate. A 1990 Will prepared by Mrs Schrader’s existing solicitors divided the bulk of her estate equally between her two sons. However, six months after her death in 2008, one of the brothers produced a 2006 Will, drafted by a firm of Will-writers, which specifically left him their mother’s house. His brother contested this later Will  and the court agreed that there had been Undue Influence put on the mother to change her Will, so the 1990 Will was proved as the legitimate Will.

If something like this has happened to you, and you’ve been left out of of a Will, or removed as a beneficiary at the last moment, we can help.

Or if you feel that inadequate financial provisions have been made for you or other family members in a Will, or you were financially dependent on the deceased, we can help.

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