There are time limits if you want to contest a Will, and the amount of time you have will depends on the situation and circumstances of your particular case. However, if you have concerns about a Will, our expert Will solicitors recommend that you dispute a Will sooner rather than later.

Contesting a Will is much more complicated if probate has been collected by the estate and relevant parties or individuals. A claim for contesting a Will can be rejected by the Courts if there has been a lengthy delay in disputing the Will and bringing your claim to the attention of an expert Will solicitor.  The time limit to contest a Will is six months from administration and probate granted. However, there are limited circumstances when this may be extended.
Thinking of contesting a Will?

The court may disallow a claim for contesting a Will if they consider there has been a lengthy delay in bringing the case to appeal, unless you can prove reasons behind this delay they may refuse your dispute. Our Will solicitors advise you to act quickly to avoid disappointment. Contact them today to discuss your situation in more detail, and they will advise you if you have a case to contest a Will.

Our expert Will solicitors can assist, and discuss your case in complete confidence. They will also be able to tell you if you have a case, or not, to dispute. If you thinking of contesting a Will, call us in confidence for a free no obligation discussion today. Or if you have been left out of Will of which you should have been a beneficiary, call us now on 0800 989 0090 or contact us by email.

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