If you are a victim of harassment at work please read the following points.

1. Stay Focused on Your Job

Even though you may have a case for harassment at work it’s important that you stay focused on your job and don’t let you performances drop. Our harassment solicitors stress that you must maintain the same standard you have set and do your job to the best of your ability, similar to your high standards before any harassment at work took place. If your standards drop your employer may decide to take actions into their own hands, for example sacking you based on poor performance or making you redundant from your position. This will have the adverse effect for your claim.

2.Don’t Stay Silent & Ignore The Harassment

If you think that you are a victim of harassment at work please don’t stay silent and ignore the issue, tell someone! According to reports, several victims of sexual harassment at work chose to stay silent and ignore the problem hoping it will just go away. If you decide to keep quiet the harassment you are suffering may escalate and something much more serious may happen. You may find talking to family or friends uncomfortable but we strongly advise that you find someone suitable to confide in. After speaking with a work colleague you may learn of other incidents involving the harasser where they have sexual harassed other people.

3. Document & Diarise Events

Write down what has happened and when all incidents of sexual harassment at work took place. Keep any notes, voice mails, emails, text messages or other form of evidence that may be considered as sexual harassment. Our harassment solicitors will study any evidence with you, which will help them create a picture of what has happened and build your case.

IMPORTANT: Keep any evidence away from the workplace and do not record or store your evidence on any company owned equipment (computer, laptop, phone etc) where your evidence can be recorded and viewed.

4. Don’t Walk From The Job

You have not done anything wrong, why should you resign? Any form of harassment at work is against the law and your employer is required to take actions so it doesn’t happen. Quitting your job will also have a negative effect on your case and it may become more difficult for our harassment solicitors to recover your lost income because your employer could argue that you have quit your job for other reasons. If the harassment is unbearable and is making your working life unbearable please contact our harassment solicitors, in confidence, on 0800 989 0090 before you decide on doing anything.

By quitting your job you are not fixing the problem and others may suffer the same sexual harassment in the future. The harasser will not be punished for their actions and may move onto their next victim.

5. Be-Careful Who You Talk With

If you decide to confide in a work colleague, or a representative from your Personnel department, they may decide to report your situation to their direct line manager and senior managers which could make the situation worst for you. Please be on your guard and be-careful who you speak with.

6. Tell the Harasser to Stop

Our experienced harassment solicitors strongly advise that you make your feelings to the harasser known, this forms an important part of your case. We fully understand this is a daunting task and you might feel intimidated but you must tell them to stop. This can be done by writing a letter to them (please keep a copy of the letter as it can be used as evidence). Complain about their actions and that you find things very uncomfortable and that you may consider making a formal complaint to their superiors should any future incidents occur.

7. Their Reaction

Action can be taken as a direct result of your complaint of unlawful harassment. If your employer reduces your hours, cuts your salary, demotes you or makes any distinctive changes to your position of employment you may have a case for discrimination at the workplace.

8. Speak to a Harassment Solicitor

Speak to someone who has a wealth of experience in dealing with situations like yours. Our team of expert harassment solicitors, who are located in Shrewsbury, are here to help you. Before you do anything speak to H&H Legal on 0800 989 0090 and let us advise you.

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